Friday, September 7, 2012

Can corn help you to lose weight

   Yes corn can help you to lose weight and I'm going to tell you just how corn can help you to lose weight. Corn contains little fat inside of it and contains very high fiber they keeps your body full for longer periods of time. It is a well known food that is good and makes you feel a lot healthier than other kinds of food. It has vitamins inside of it which can help to protect you from diseases developing in the body. It can lead to a lot of great health benefits that can help the body out.

With all of the good things corn can do when people eat corn it is normally corn on a cob in which they apply a large amount of butter to the corn bad idea. Putting a large amount of butter on corn just flushes out all of the good things that corn do for the body so watch the amount of butter you use when eating corn. Corn is a good food to eat when you are losing weight and it will help you out a lot.


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  2. Thank you for reading my blog Regina

  3. how about cream style white corn?

  4. Thanks for that! I love corn and Im on a diet.

  5. Tnx fore the information
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